Diluter & Dispenser



  • Full liquid handling functionality
  • Self priming
  • No syringes
  • Largest volume range available
  • Easy-to-use wizard format does away with math problems and charts


Cheminert M Series diluter/dispensers simplify the sample preparation process for dispensing and diluting liquids. The user- friendly wizard format eliminates all the math calculations and caharts usually associated with diluting and dispensing applications. Just enter the dilution ratio and the final volume, and the correct volume is calculated and automatically dispensed for each ratio.

For multiple dispenses, you simply enter the volume and the number of dispense repetitions, and the wizard calculates the total volume to be aspirated. It’s that easy!!!

The diluter/dispenser is built around the patented Cheminert syringe-free, bi-directional, positive displacement pump. This design approach gives the largest volume range available, and eliminates the inconvenience of having to change and refill syringes.

Volume Range Product No.
10 nl – 10 ml
CD10 – 4841 - M1A
50 µl – 50 ml
CD50 – 8182 –M2A

Additional Features :

  • “ Smart” hand probe
    The hand probe signals the operator when an aspirate or dispense step is completed. The unique design also allows the use of fixed or disposable probe tips, as well as other accessories.
  • Program memory
    Up to 100 programs can be permanently stored.
  • Multi – solvent option
    A multiposition stream selection valve can be easily integrated with the pump for multi- solvent applications.
  • Largest volume range available
  • Printer option
    Print out methods, sequential steps, time/ date/ operator stamp, titration and tubing volume values.

Compudil 3 Diluter & Dispenser

Further versatility is provided by the RS232 socket which allows two way program exchange with a PC for GLP accreditation requirements. 15 further memories are provided for the storage of PC generated programs.

Special Feature:

  • Serial dilution mode
  • Simple keypad programming
  • 2-way program exchange with PC
  • 45 program memory
  • Volumes from 1µl - 25ml
  • 4 dilution modes
  • 6 transfer and wash modes

Specification :

Accuracy and Resolution:
Full stroke of all syringes in 5000 steps.
Where necessary, selected volumes are rounded down. Actual
deliveredvolume: +/-1% of syringe volume
Approx. 2-15 seconds for full stroke of syringe.
CV: Better than 0.1%.
Dead Volume:
Approx. 1ml, of which 95% is recoverable using the PRIME function (standard 30cm length 1.6mm I.D. reagent inlet tube, 1ml and 50ml syringes).
Increased risk of detectable carry-over with dilution ratios less than 1:5, or with immiscible liquids.
Chemical Resistance:
All valves, syringes and tubing are manufactured from glass or PTFE-based materials for total chemical resistance (except HF and HF compounds).
Rear panel: POWER on/off switch, socket for handset or footswitch control.
RS232 socket for computer control.

Front panel: 48 character display and 14 button tactile keypad.
300mm(W) x 200mm(D) x 215mm(H).
7.5kg, (packed for shipment: 9.5kg).

Microlab 600 Series Diluter


The Microlab 600's Dual Syringe Diluter configuration uses two syringes to create up to a 1:50,000 dilution in a single step, drastically reducing preparation time and wasted buffer. The diluent washes the tubing between each sample, minimizing carryover.

In comparison with volumetric glassware, the Microlab 600 provides extraordinary cost savings and sample preparation time reductions. Its accuracy tolerances far exceed those of volumetric flasks, graduated cylinders, measuring pipettes and burettes. The precision of the Microlab 600 meets or exceeds that of Class A glassware, especially when operator imprecision is considered.

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