Laboratory Furniture


C-System is based on the C-Frame system. Ideal solution that gives the modern cantilever style but with added strength for bench top equipment. Suspended System is based on the suspended furniture system. Designed with hygene in mind the suspended system provides easy cleaning for floors, ideal solution for hospitals or infection control labs.

Laboratory Stools

As an additional to your laboratory, we also provide the laboratory stool to complete your laboratory. Our lab stool came in two choice which is round-sit and lab stool with back-rest. You can choose our lab stool either with wheel or without wheel. Besides, we also supply the wooden type laboratory stool.

Permanent System

Permanent System is a fixed furniture system. Ideal for a fixed permanent layout, the underbench furniture provides the support for the worktops. Provides rigid solid structure but is less flexible.

Service Spine

As to make it easier for you to reach your equipment, we also provide the service spine for easier way to find tour laboratory equipment. Our service spine comes in sliding glass window to give you easier look at the tool in it and you can easily open it.
Our service spine comes in many type which are :-
- Steel sided
- 2 stage
- Glass type

Wall Hang Cabinet

Our wall-hang cabinet comes in many shape and sizes suit to our customer need. We also provide the cabinet with glass door for easy located.

Our wall-hang cabinet is a strong wooden type cabinet that will safely keep your cmemical and other laboratory equipment. We also provide a sliding glass cabinet on your request. This is for easy search and observation on the equipment.

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