Water Bath
    Stuart - Digital Water Baths, SWB6D, SWB15D, SWB24D

Description :
- Choice of sizes: 6, 15 or 24 Litres
- Digital display and selection of temperature
- Low level water sensor
- Integral drain
- Supplied with robust polycarbonate lid Centrifugation capacitiy (RCF): 6000 x g

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    Daihan - "DAIHAN" WiseBath®WB Digital Precise Water Bath
  • Digital Fuzzy Controller Implementing Maximum Temp. Accuracy.
  • Simplest Control by Jog-Shuttle Switch and LCD display.
  • Stainless Steel Booth(SUS304) for Superior Durability & High Thermal Efficiency.

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    Julabo - Water Baths & Shaking Water Baths High Quality and Durable

The Water Baths of the TW series or Shaking Water Baths of the SW series are ideal for routine applications. Examples are temperature control of samples, incubations, material testing, corrosion tests, cell cultivation, food and beverage testing
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    Reliable, practical, ergonomic - the new LAUDA Aqualine water baths

LAUDA water baths offer accurate temperature control for samples in the laboratory +25℃ to +95℃. Variants for all sample sizes. The LAUDA Aqualine water baths are available in five different sizes. Depending on the size and the quantity of the samples, the user has the right bath depth or opening for his application at his disposal.

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    Protech - Circulating Water Bath With Safety Features 850-S5
  • Equipment: Circulating Water Bath WITH Safety Features
  • Capacity: 43 litres
  • Temp.working range: 5℃ above ambient temperature to 100℃
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1℃

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    Memmert - Water Bath

The Memmert waterbath is available in six model sizes and two performance classes. In addition to the Basic class for standard temperature control tasks, Temperature range up to +95℃ (with Peltier cooling unit CDP 115 from +10 ℃)

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    Techne - Unheated Baths

Designed to be used with a clip-on Tempette or Tempunit® thermoregulator, these water baths incorporate carrying handles for added safety. All water baths have stoved enamelled steel outer cases and are supplied with bridge mounting plate to hold the thermoregulator.

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    Refrigerated Baths

Techne refrigerated baths offer a completely integrated refrigerated circulating system for open or closed applications, with a temperature range from -35℃ to +100℃. Each bath is supplied with a lid and bridging plate. Temperature control is via one of the four Techne thermoregulators, providing a choice of 12 different bath and thermoregulator combinations.

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    Liquid Calibration Baths

The Techne® liquid calibration bath (LCB) series offer compact, accurate and reliable liquid water baths which can be used for external circulation or temperature calibration of thermal sensors.

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    Dip Coolers

The cooling head of the Techne® Dip Cooler fits neatly and unobtrusively into the corner of the bath and can be secured with a specially designed mounting bracket (supplied).If cooling can be achieved by using cold tap water, a dip cooler is recommended as it conserves water and is easier and more convenient to use.

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    Tuff - Water Bath Model TEB-26

General Purpose Water Bath Model TEB-26 Non-stirring, interior is made of stainless steel, over temperature alarm and timer function with concentric rings cover.

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    Tuff - Water Bath Model TEB-36

General Purpose Water Bath Model TEB-36 Non-stirring, interior is made of stainless steel, over temperature alarm and timer function with concentric rings cover.

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