Water Purification system

ELGA 25L Tank-SBP-5 Level Switches LA611


  • Inert polyethylene construction to minimize the risk of organic leachables
  • Fully opaque to avoid algal growth
  • Integrated level control system to allow automatic fill-up of the reservoir by any laboratory water purification system available
  • Sloping base to allow complete drain down of the reservoir
  • Unique composite vent filter to eliminate the contamination of the stored water by CO2, volatile organic compounds or air-borne bacteria
  • Fully wall mountable to save valuable workbench space
  • Dimension: width: 360mm x Depth: 270mm x Height: 415mm
  • Usable volume: 25Liters
  • Weight: 5kg (Empty)/ 30kg (Full)

FLEX2 PURELAB Flex (Purification pack + UV + TOC)


  • Delivers up to 2 liters per minute of typeI, type II, type III water
  • Up to 18.2 MΩ -cm, type I - type III water suitable for research, life science and general laboratory applications
  • Flexible dispense tip filtration guarantees microbial purity < 1CFU/10ml
  • Sloping base to allow complete drain down of the reservoir
  • Precise fingertip control (like a pipette) for accurate dispensing
  • Water purity maintained by recirculation of purified water through ion exchange and UV purification technologies to the dispense point
  • USB data capture to record water quality
  • Configured to deliver the quality of water you need for your application
  • Full service and validation support

Delivery flow rate - maximum : Up to 2 I/min
Inorganics (resistivity @25℃) : 18.2 MΩ -cm

PULSE1BP PURELAB Pulse 1 BP (10L/hr) (PP010BPM1)


  • Delivers up to 20 liters an hour of type II water
  • EDI technology is used to deliver high quality reliable water
  • Up to 15 MΩ-cm, type II water suitable for general laboratory applications
  • Unique recirculating EDI Type II system guarantees water quality at dispense
  • Space saving wrap around reservoir
  • Easy to maintain
  • Full service and validation support

Make up rate @ 15℃: up to 10 I /hr
Daily output: up to 216 I /24 hour day
Dispense rate from tap (max): 1.0 I /
min-nominal (less with POU filter) Output back pressure (max): 0.1 bar (1 psi)
Inorganics @25℃: 10 to >15 MΩ -cm
Total organic carbon (TOC):<20 ppb
Bacteria: <1 CFU/10ml
pH Effectively neutral
particles: Optional 0.2 µm POU filter
dimension: Height 460mm (18.1in), Width 550mm (21.7in), Depth 270mm (10.6in)

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